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Renew your body and mind with our luxury massage treatments

Our offer comprises a large choice of sophisticated massage techniques carried out by qualified and experienced practitioners

aromatherapy massage a truly pleasurable massage experience. This luxurious massage technique combines massage with the use of skilfully blended fragrant oils to provide superior therapeutic and relaxing effects. 

Chinese TuiNa massage a  medical massage especially efficient in treating chronic problems such as back pains, chronic muscular aches and pains or sore neck and shoulders.  Recommended after injuries or accidents.

deep tissue massage this massage technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release  muscle tension.  Particularly recommended to treat concentrated areas of tension and pain such as lower back pain, stiff neck or sore shoulder.

detox massage aims in eliminating toxins from the body. This technique gently acts on muscle tissue and lymphatic system. It may be combined with detox herbal treatment for even better results.

head massage a therapeutic massage of shoulders, neck, scalp and face.  It is a fully clothed massage and it does not require using massage oils. Helps to relieve headaches as well as tension and pain from the back and neck, reduces stress and provides relaxation.

neck and shoulders massage is particularly recommended for people working in a seated position and using computers for long hours, who may suffer from aching shoulders and from tight muscles in the neck.

hot stone massage combines traditional Swedish massage with the use of smooth heated stones placed in key areas of the body to bring deeply relaxing effect.  Hot stone therapy is recommended to treat poor circulation, back pain and aches, arthritis pain, depression and insomnia.

reflexology massage a healing massage based on an ancient technique of stimulating reflex points located on the feet. Helps to restore the natural balance of the body. Efficient in treating various health conditions or as a relaxation treatment.

slimming massage specifically designed to help in fighting excess of weight. Significantly accelerates burning of fat tissue. May be combined with our herbal slimming treatments or with your exercise regime.

sports massage recommended for any sportsman and sportswoman. Enhances performance and reduces risk of sport injuries. Accelerates recovery from sports injuries.

Swedish massage a very popular  massage technique which promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension.

Treatment packages

Course of 5 treatments (+One treatment offered free)
Course of 10 treatments (+ Three treatments offered free)

this offer is valid for all our treatments

Our consultations are free. Speak to one of our therapists to learn about most suitable treatments and products for you.

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